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   Middle School Saint Patrick's Day Prompts

Middle School St. Patrick's Day Writing Prompts

1. Lucky Shamrock

Write the story of an unlucky kid who finds a lucky four-leaf clover. What happens during school that day? How does his life change?

2. Leprechaun Wish

Traditionally, leprechauns who are caught have to grant their captors a wish, although the wishes often caused more trouble than they're worth. Write the story of a kid who captures a leprechaun and makes a careful wish. Does it backfire or does the kid outsmart the leprechaun?

3. Lucky Charm

Do you have any toys, charms or clothes that you consider "lucky?" What makes them lucky and what happened to you when you held or wore them?

4. St. Patrick

Write an essay on St. Patrick. Who was he and what were his major accomplishments?

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