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   Middle School Instructional Essay Prompts

Middle School How-To Writing Topics

1. How To Play an Instrument

Think of an instrument that you know how to play. (If you don't know how to play an instrument, focus on singing or whistling.) Write a paper describing how to play a song on that instrument. How do you hold it? What's the technique for getting the best sound? How do you read the music or keep time in your head?

2. Make Up a Game

Make up a game, activity or sport. Write an essay explaining the set-up, rules, and gameplay so that other people would know how to play without ever having seen the game played.

3. Vacation How To Prompt

You get to go on a vacation to the beach. Write a paper describing how to pack if you are going to go to the beach. What would you bring for clothing and activities?

4. Gardening How To Prompt

Your friend has been given seeds to start a garden but doesn't know how to set one up or how to care for the plants. Write a paper describing the layout of a garden, how to plant the seeds, and how much water and sun they will need to grow.

5. Pet Care How To Prompt

Think of a pet that you have owned or taken care of. Write a paper on how to take care of that kind of pet. How often and how much do they need to be fed? What kind of food? How often should they be taken out or walked? What's the best way to show them affection?

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