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   Middle School Fourth Of July Writing Topics

Middle School Independence Writing Prompts

1. Fourth Of July Tradition Prompt

What are some of your Fourth of July traditions? Write a narrative essay describing how you celebrate-with your family or your friends? Setting off or watching fireworks? Barbecuing?

2. Fourth Of July Patriotism Prompt

Write an essay about a benefit of living in the United States of America and a drawback that you would like to change. For instance: "A benefit to living in America is that the judicial, executive, and legislative branches keep each other in check so that no one has too much power. A drawback to living in America is that it does not offer public health care, which means that many people do not get the care they need." Defend your opinion of why these are benefits or drawbacks.

3. Fourth Of July Creative Writing Topic

Write a scene where some people are drinking and lighting illegal fireworks out in the woods. Someone gets injured.

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