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   Middle School Expository Topics

Middle School Expository Essay Prompts

1. Middle School Expository Writing

Write an essay about a person who is important in your life and describe why they are so special to you.

2. New Holiday Writing Prompt

You have been chosen to create a new national holiday. What will be the theme of your holiday? How will people celebrate, and on what day will it be celebrated? Consider rituals, food and decorations as well.

3. Movie Review Writing Prompt

Write a review of your favorite movie. Consider the writing, direction and acting. What made it so great? Now write a review of a movie you hate. What made it so bad? Try to be objective and use examples to convince your audience to see or not see the movies.

4. Time Machine Writing Prompt

You are given a time machine and can travel anywhere in the past or future. What year would you travel to? Think of events you would want to see, people you would want to meet or questions that you would want answered.

5. Comparison Expository Writing Prompt

Would you rather spend time with a lot of friends or do things by yourself? Why? If you prefer to do some activities with people and some alone, discuss which activities those are and what differentiates them from each other.

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