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   Middle School Creative Story Starters

Middle School Creative Writing Story Starters

1. Story Starter Idea

Write a story that begins with this line: "As I was walking along the beach under a full moon, I suddenly spotted something moving in the water."

2. Story Starter Exercise

Write a story that starts with this sentence: "None of the girls on the swim team liked Bernie, but Bernie didn't care."

3. Short Story Starter

Write a story that begins like this: "Henry said there was a dragon living in the woods behind his house, and none of us believed him until we saw the scorch marks."

4. Story Beginning Writing Prompt

Write a story that starts with "I think the pictures on the wall are coming to life at night."

5. Creative Story Idea

Begin a story with the following sentence: "Jenny is keeping a goldfish under her bed, but we're not talking about it."

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