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   Middle School Creative Description Prompts

Middle School Creative Description Prompts

1. Description Writing Prompt

Describe three events or objects you encountered today. Examples: the way your bed looked when you got up, how your breakfast smelled and tasted, the bus ride to school, what your teacher sounds like. Use as much detail as possible.

2. Character Description Topic

Think of a person that you know, or someone that you made up. Describe exactly how they look. How do they wear their hair? What kind of clothes do they wear? Do their pants fit? Do they look awkward, confident, stuck-up, shy, etc.?

3. William Carlos Williams Cat Poem

Read William Carlos Williams' Poem (As the Cat). Write a poem or short scene where you describe an animal by focusing entirely on the way that it moves.

4. Metaphor Descriptive Prompt

Describe the room you are sitting in using only metaphors and similes (e.g. "The desk is a prison" or "The minute hand on the clock is like a snail.") Now describe the room using no metaphors or similes (e.g. "The desk is uncomfortable" or "The minute hand on the clock moves slowly.") Compare the two pieces. Which do you like better? Why?

5. Sensory Description

Describe the experience of being caught in a sudden rain or snow storm. Use all five senses to convey how it felt.

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