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   Middle School Creative Character Questions

Middle School Creative Writing Character Prompts

1. Middle School Character Prompt

Make up a character. Come up with answers to the following questions: What is her favorite sport? What kind of car does she drive, or does she like to bike and why? Does he have lots of friends or is he a loner? Does she have brothers and sisters? What is his job and does he like it? How does she look when she walks? What does he look like when he eats his cereal? Come up with questions of your own.

2. Anthropomorphism Creative Writing

Your character is walking his dog when the dog begins to converse with him. It turns out the dog is just as intelligent as human beings. How does your character react? Is he pleased for an equal companion? Is he embarrassed about things he has said or done in front of the dog? Does he feel bad for his treatment of the dog, or does he want to liberate the dog?

3. Animal Creative Prompt

If your character were an animal, what creature would it be? Describe your character in terms of an animal that they resemble. Feel free to name the animal, e.g. "Maggie moved with the easy, slinking sensuousness of a cat," or to simply use animal characteristics: "Nathan's eyes were small and beady and his hands never ceased their nervous movements, like claws scrabbling for purchase."

4. Monologue Writing Topic

Create a character who is going through a divorce. Now write a monologue where the character talks about the divorce. Try to make your character unique by using word choice, tone, slang, and stream-of-consciousness. Think about the following things when writing: Is your character sad, happy, mad or some combination of the three? Is he excited about new possibilities? Does he feel alone or depressed? How might that come across in his language and in what he addresses or avoids?

5. Character Scenarios

Take a character that you have already created and think about how he or she would react in different situations. Write a scene where she is threatened with violence. Then write a scene where someone asks her on a date. Then write a scene where she feels pressured to do something she doesn't want to do. How does she react in these three scenes? What do her choices teach you about her character?

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