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   Middle School Creative Association Prompts

Middle School Creative Word Associations

1. Middle School Creative Prompts

Write a story that uses all of the following words: broken, shiny, constellation, shot, music.

2. Middle School One Word

Write a story that focuses on one of the following words: terror, nauseous, silky, whipped, luminescent, sullen, murmur.

3. Middle School Free Write

Free-write for ten minutes about the word "evolution."

4. Color Association

Write down everything you think of when you picture the color yellow. Write down the feelings and memories it evokes, what the word itself sounds like, objects that are yellow. Choose something off your list and free write about it for five minutes.

5. Mary Doria Russell Association

Write for ten minutes based on the Mary Doria Russell line, "The two men [were] seated across the table from one another: the one, obsidian and silver; the other, butter and sand."

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