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   High School Word Association Writing Prompts

High School Creative Writing Word Associations

1. One Word Choice

Choose one of the following words: "Explosion, halo, fungus, obsidian, incense, shallot, exposure." Write whatever comes to your mind for 20 minutes without stopping.

2. All Words

Write a story that uses all of the following words: "bone, craze, blow, devastate, clarity, carry."

3. Prison Or Grocery Store

Take a minute to write down every word that occurs to you when you think of a prison. Now use all of those words in a story that takes place in a grocery store.

4. One Word

Free write for ten minutes about the word "absolution."

5. Tobias Wolff Association

Free write for six minutes based on the Tobias Wolff line "She looked at him with drowning eyes."

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