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   High School Persuasive Writing Topics

High School Persuasive Essay Prompts

1. Comparative Persuasive Writing Prompt

Which is a better computer, an iPhone or a Droid? (For this prompt, don't just list reasons why you like one or the other. Compare the two products and describe how some aspects are better than others, and how one phone might be better for certain types of people.)

2. Persuasive Letter Writing

A student has been suspended from your school for wearing a T-Shirt with an obscene expression that violates the dress code. The student claims that it is a matter of free speech and that he is within his rights to wear the shirt. Write a letter to the principal either opposing or defending his position.

3. High School Rule Persuasive Writing

Your school board is considering a proposal that would ban cell phones in schools. Students caught with cell phones under any circumstances would have them confiscated and be subject to disciplinary actions. Write a persuasive essay arguing for or against this proposal.

4. School Debate Persuasive Writing

There is a high school where reciting the Pledge of Allegiance is mandatory on a daily basis. Some students are requesting that the phrase "under God" be removed because it indicates a belief that does not apply to the entire student body. The school board says that the recitation is an expression of patriotism and unity with other schools across the country and therefore cannot be changed. Write an essay defending one side or the other, or write an essay that proposes a compromise or alternative.

5. Three Choices Persuasive Writing Prompt

You have been offered only one of the following: 4 hours of extra time today, $50 or a new friend. Pick one and write an essay defending your choice over the alternatives.

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