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   High School Descriptive Writing Topics

High School Description Essay Prompts

1. Using the Senses

Go outside and sit somewhere for 15-20 minutes without moving or speaking. Try to notice everything around you and the way you feel. Then go back inside and write down everything you saw, felt, tasted, touched, and smelled. Try to use as much detail as possible.

2. Different Place

Try to remember a place in another city, state, or country that you have only visited once. Describe that place using as much sensory detail as possible.

3. Favorite Place

Picture your favorite place to be, whether it's a friend's house, a restaurant, a field, a campground, or even just a particular chair. Describe the place. Try to make it apparent in your descriptions how the place makes you feel without ever having to state, "This place makes me feel�"

4. Meal

Describe the process of making a meal. Use all five senses to describe the food, e.g. the feel of it while you were making it, how it sounded while cooking, how it smelled when you were done, the taste of the first bite, what it looked like.

5. Each Sense

Think of a location (field, prison, hospital, restaurant, grocery store, etc.) Write for five minutes describing the location, but use only what you would hear in that place. Write for another five minutes, describing only what you might smell. Do this again for sight, touch and taste.

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