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   High School Character Writing Prompts

High School Character Creative Writing Topics

1. Stereotypes

Choose a genre that tends to have stereotypical characters (romance, mystery, thriller) and choose an archetypal character (mobster, heroine, rake, serial killer.) List the character traits that person would normally have. Now give them a trait that is out of character. Write a scene.

2. Itinerary

Create a daily schedule for a character. How good are they at getting all of it taken care of? Are they late or punctual? Do they do the same things every day? How long does it take them to get ready in the morning? Where do they work? What do they do for leisure?

3. Mundane Task

Have a character perform a mundane task (e.g. make a list, go grocery shopping, clean up the house, make dinner.) Have every element in that task remind the character of something deeper that they're trying not to think about.

4. Dialogue Writing Prompt

Write a story about a relationship falling apart at a water park using only dialogue.

5. Inanimate Object Writing Prompt

Create a character through the perspective of their office chair.

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