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   Elementary School Valentines Day Writing Topics

Elementary School Valentines Day Writing Prompts

1. Valentines Day Expository Prompt

You've been chosen to design a new kind of candy or chocolate for Valentine's Day. Write about your concoction. Come up with a name, ingredients, and unique packaging for your new candy.

2. Valentines Day Story Starter

Write a story that begins with the line "Cupid's been shooting arrows at me for the last half an hour, but fortunately he keeps missing."

3. Valentines Day Persuasive Prompt

The school principal is considering canceling Valentine's Day parties because they are not fair. She says that it makes kids feel left out if they get fewer cards than other students. Write a letter to the principal agreeing, disagreeing, or offering an alternative. Use examples to defend your position.

4. Valentines Day Definition

What does love mean to you? What's the difference between like and love?

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