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   Elementary School Thanksgiving Writing Topics

Elementary School Thanksgiving Writing Prompts

1. Thanksgiving Story Idea

Write a story about Thanksgiving from the point of view of a turkey.

2. Thanksgiving Activity

Trace your hand so that it looks like a turkey. Make the thumb the head. In each of the fingers, write down something you are thankful for.

3. Thanksgiving Tradition Topic

What are some traditions that your family observes on Thanksgiving? Who do you eat the meal with, where do you go, what do you eat? What is your favorite part of the holiday? What is your favorite dish?

4. Thanksgiving Story Starter

Begin a Thanksgiving story with the following line: "The Mayflower pitched and swayed in the storm, and it was cold and dark below deck."

5. Thanksgiving Persuasive Paper

Your parents have decided to serve eggplant and broccoli instead of turkey and mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner this year. Do you think this is a good idea or a bad idea? Write a persuasive paper defending your choice.

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