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   Elementary School Presidents Day Writing Topics

Elementary School Presidents Day Writing Prompts

1. Presidents Day Persuasive Idea

Presidents Day recognizes George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. What other president do you feel should be recognized and honored on Presidents Day? Why do you think so? Use examples to defend your argument.

2. Early Elementary Presidents Day Activity

Bring in one of every coin and bill in U.S. currency (or a picture of it if the value is too high!) Have the children identify the people on all of the coins and bills. Who is on more than one and why? Who is not a president and why were they included?

3. President Expository

Write a few paragraphs about what you would do if you were president. What would you change or add and why?

4. Presidents Day Campaign

You have decided to run for president! Come up with a banner, a slogan, and a reason people should vote for you.

5. Presidents Day Research

What is the president's role in the government? What is his most important job?

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