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   Elementary School New Year Writing Topics

Elementary School New Year Writing Prompts

1. New Year Expository

If you had to live this year over again, what would you do differently? What would you do the same? Why?

2. New Year Reflection

Think about the kind of person you were two years ago. How have you changed in the last two years? What new things have you learned? Try to predict the kind of person you will be two years from now. How do you think you will have changed?

3. New Year Story Starter

Write a New Year story that begins with "Jenny squinted worriedly at the calendar. 'That can't be right,' she thought. 'It says January 1st, 1968.'"

4. New Year Narrative

Write a narrative piece describing your favorite way to celebrate the New Year. What traditions do you like to observe and who would you want to celebrate with?

5. New Year Expectations

What are three things you are excited for that are going to happen this next year? When are they going to happen and why do you have to wait?

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