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   Elementary School Narrative Writing Topics

Elementary School Narrative Essay Prompts

1. Advanced Elementary Narrative Prompt

Think of your favorite birthday and what made it so special. Write a narrative essay with a beginning, middle and end that shows what happened during your birthday, how it made you feel, and why it was important.

2. Early Elementary Narrative Prompt

Where did you go over summer vacation? Write a narrative essay that talks about where you went, who you saw, the activities you did, and how you felt during the trip.

3. Advanced Elementary Narrative Topic

Think of a time when you had to be brave. Write a narrative essay with a beginning, middle, and end that presents your experience. What was it that made you scared and what did you do to overcome your fear?

4. Early Elementary Narrative Topic

Think of a time that you got really, really mad. What made you so angry? Did you want to scream, or cry, or hit something? What did you do to make yourself feel better?

5. Imaginative Narrative Prompt

Imagine that you have been transported into your favorite TV show or book. Write a narrative essay about how you would get along with the other characters and what sort of adventures or mishaps you would have together.

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