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   Elementary School Mother's Day Prompts

Mother's Day Writing Prompts

1. The Best Thing

The best thing about my mother is�

2. The Nicest Thing

The nicest thing my mother did for me was�

3. Memories

Write about your favorite memory of you and your mother. What did you do together? Why was it so special?

4. Perfect Mother's Day

What would be the perfect Mother's Day? What food would you make and what activities would you do together?

5. Gift

If you could get your mother any gift, what would it be?

6. Superhero

If your mother were a superhero, what would her power be and why?

7. Limerick

Write limerick about your mother. Remember that a limerick has five lines and rhymes A-A-B-B-A.

8. Haiku

Write a haiku about your mother. Remember that a haiku has three lines that have syllables that go 5-7-5.

9. Acrostic Poem

Write an acrostic poem about your mother. Remember that the first letter of each line is a letter of your mother's name.

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