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   Elementary School Memorial Day Writing Topics

Elementary School Memorial Day Writing Prompts

1. Veterans Prompt

Memorial Day pays tribute to people who served in the military. Write a paragraph or two about someone you know who served in the military. Were they in the Army, Navy, Air Force, etc.? When did they serve and what conflicts were they involved in?

2. War Memorial Prompt

The mayor of your town wants to create a war memorial and you've been chosen to design it. It doesn't have to be a statue; it can be anything you want. If you choose to focus on a specific figure, war or conflict, which one are you recognizing? Why?

3. Memorial Day Expository Prompt

While we honor military veterans on Memorial Day, it is also good to recognize those that acted as role models for peaceful alternatives to war. Research a figure who used peaceful means to make a difference. Write a paper on their life and legacy.

4. Memorial Day Story Starter

Write a story that begins with "Quite abruptly one day, the Statue of Liberty took off her crown and stepped down from her pedestal. 'I quit,' she said tiredly. 'This is just too hard.'"

5. Memorial Day Creative Topic

Write a story about a kid whose father or mother is fighting in Iraq.

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