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   Elementary School How-To Writing Topics

Elementary School Instructional Essay Prompts

1. Early Elementary How-To Prompt

There's a new kid at school who doesn't know what to do during fire drills. Write a paragraph explaining the steps that you take to get from the classroom out to a safe area.

2. Advanced Elementary How-To Prompt

Think of a blacktop game that you know how to play (e.g. four square, wall ball, tetherball, hopscotch) or a game that you and your friends have made up. Explain how to play the game to someone who has never played it before.

3. How-To Math Problem

Choose a problem from last night's math homework. Write a paragraph where you explain, step by step, exactly what you did to solve the problem.

4. How-To Make A Bed

Write a paragraph about how to make your bed. Make sure you include each step in order. What should the bed look like if you do it right? What if you do it wrong?

5. How-To Get Ready

The new student in your class doesn't know how to get ready before lunch. Write him a letter explaining everything that needs to be done before lunch can start. Do the activities need to be put away? Hands washed? Everyone lined up? What are the steps you take in your classroom?

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