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   Elementary School Halloween Writing Topics

Elementary School Halloween Writing Prompts

1. Halloween Costume Contest

There is going to be a Halloween costume contest at your school! Describe your costume and explain why it deserves the number one prize. Is it scary? Funny? Pretty? Unique?

2. Halloween Ghost Story

Write a story about a ghost who lives in a kid's room. The only time the ghost moves around is when the kid's eyes are closed. The kid can hear him moving, but when he opens his eyes, the ghost is never there.

3. Halloween Book Prompt

Read Linda D. Williams' The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything. Write your own Halloween story about items that follow a person home. What items are they? What sounds do they make?

4. Halloween Story Beginner

Write a Halloween story that starts with "When I got to school on Halloween, no one was there, but I thought I could feel someone watching me."

5. Halloween How-To

Give a step by step description of how to carve a pumpkin into a Halloween Jack o'Lantern.

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