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   Elementary School Fourth Of July Writing Topics

Elementary School Independence Day Writing Prompts

1. Fourth Of July Flag Prompt

Before they settled on the current American Flag design, a lot of other options were submitted. Describe the design that you make up all on your own and include a drawing. Find a creative way to represent the original thirteen colonies and the fifty states.

2. Fourth Of July Freedom Topic

What does freedom mean to you? What are some areas in your life where you are given a lot of freedom? What are some areas in your life where you would like to have more freedom?

3. Fourth Of July Story Starter

Write a Fourth of July story that begins with "Maria watched in fascination as the fireworks exploded in bright red bursts. Suddenly, though, they changed. The fireworks began to form words in the sky�"

4. Fourth Of July Writing Prompt

Write a story about a kid living in the American Colonies during the Revolutionary War. What side is he on? What side is his family on? What does he want for the new country?

5. Fourth Of July Letter

Write a letter to a pen pal in another country. Describe the things you like about living in America. Think about things in your pen pal's country that you would like to see or experience.

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