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   Elementary School Expository Writing Topics

Elementary School Expository Essay Prompts

1. Early Elementary Expository Prompt

If you could have any super power, which one would it be and why? Write an essay describing your power and what you would do with it.

2. Advanced Elementary Expository Prompt

Read David Macaulay's story Motel of Mysteries. Choose an everyday object (clock, microwave, car, guitar, pencil, etc.) If someone from 2,000 years in the future found it, what would they think it was used for? Write an article as though you are from the future and explain what the object is and what it was used for back in the 21st Century.

3. Expository Letter Prompt

Write a letter to someone who is far away or who does not see you very often. Tell them about the three most important events that happened to you so far this year. Were they good or bad events? Why were they so important to you?

4. Expository Writing Topic

Write an essay on the best way to deal with a bully. Talk about the pros and cons of telling a teacher, fighting back, using kindness, etc.

5. Time Travel Expository

You invented a time machine! Good job! Now you get to choose your first trip. Write an essay about where you intend to go. Will you go to the future or the past? What year? What events or people would you want to see?

6. Animal Expository Prompt

You have the choice to become any animal you want. What animal would you choose and why? What would be the benefits to being that animal? What might be some drawbacks?

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