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   Elementary School Descriptive Writing Topics

Elementary School Descriptive Essay Prompts

1. House Description Prompt

Describe your house using sights, sounds, and smells. How many bedrooms does it have? What does the kitchen smell like? What color is the carpet in the living room? What does the couch feel like?

2. Elementary Descriptive Prompt

Describe three events or objects you encountered today. Examples: the way your bed looked when you got up, how your breakfast smelled and tasted, the bus ride to school, what your teacher sounded like. Use as much detail as possible.

3. New Animal Prompt

You're at the pet store when you see a new and surprising kind of animal. It might be a mix of two animals you know or something totally different. What does it look like?

4. New Meal Prompt

Come up with a new meal. What kind of foods would taste good together? How would you cook them? Describe your new meal and how you think it would smell and taste when you were done making it.

5. Elementary Seasonal Prompt

What is your favorite season? Describe your favorite things about that season. Think about the weather, the colors, the smells, the holidays and activities. Try to use all five of the senses in your descriptions.

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