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   Elementary School Creative Writing Topics

Elementary School Creative Writing Prompts

1. Object Association

Look at a pencil. Take ten minutes to write down everything you could use a pencil for (e.g. a javelin, a small spear, a crutch for a doll, erasing, drawing, rolling, etc.) Be as creative as possible.

2. Characters

Write a story about the day in the life of a quarter. What kinds of characters receive, pick up, or find the quarter that day? What do they spend the quarter on?

3. Scene

Write a story where you go to the zoo and all the animals escape from their cages. What happens next? Where do the different animals like to go, and what do they like to do?

4. One Word

What do you think of when you hear the word "slimy?" Write for ten minutes about how the word sounds, slimy things, or memories that the word evokes.

5. Episodes

Think of your favorite TV show or series of books. Write your own "episode." Try to stay true to the characters and style, but feel free to add new people and places.

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