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   Elementary School Creative Writing Story Starters

Elementary School Story Starter Prompts

1. Elementary Story Start

Write a story that begins with this line: "There's a unicorn in my backyard, but no one can see it but me."

2. Writing Exercise

Start a story with the following line: "As I was rummaging through my toy box, I discovered the most astonishing thing."

3. Story Beginning

Write a story that starts with "The pirates had raided the town of Portsmouth, carrying off all the gold and half the people, too."

4. Writing Starter Topic

Write a story that begins with "The lad knew as soon as he saw Sir Keegan that he wanted to be a knight."

5. Creative Writing Story Topic

Write a story that starts with "Max the cat was happily eating his supper when he heard something growl in the alley behind him."

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