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   Elementary School Christmas Writing Topics

Elementary School Christmas Writing Prompts

1. Santa Claus Writing Prompt

Write a story or poem about a boy who comes downstairs on Christmas Eve and finds Santa Claus stuck in the chimney.

2. Christmas Wish Prompt

For Christmas you have been granted one wish that will give you anything you want. Write about what you would wish for and what you think would happen once you got it.

3. Christmas Letter Prompt

Write a letter to Santa Claus, telling him whether you have been good or bad and why you think you�re one or the other. Include your Christmas wish list in the letter.

4. Christmas Cookies How-To

Have you ever helped your parents make Christmas cookies? Write a step by step how-to article on making Christmas cookies. Include making and rolling the dough, cutting out the shapes, baking and decorating.

5. Christmas Story Starter

Start a Christmas story with the line "Santa canceled Christmas this year."

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