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College Creative Writing Story Enders

1. College Story Ender

End a story with the following line: "He could find no resolve within himself to call out to her, nor to follow her out into the open lap of the night."

2. College Ender Prompt

Finish a story with the line "The piano keys yielded easily beneath his fingertips, producing a sweet, dancing melody, the ghost of a soul that was not his own but would suffice, for now."

3. College Short Story Ender

End a story with "The fireworks continued to burst in showy displays, unnoticed through the carnage below."

4. College Writing Ender

Finish a story with "The phone buzzed again, impotently insistent. She let it rattle against the table like a wasp against a jar and turned the TV on."

5. College Story Ending

End a story with the following: "'Does it ever get easier?' She didn't give him time to answer."

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