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1. College Expository Philosophy Prompt

Plato theorized that the greatest system of government was a dictatorship ruled by a philosopher king, but that if it became corrupted it would fall to tyranny, the worst form of government. Write an essay that discusses the six forms of government according to Plato. Which one should be implemented, and why?

2. College Expository Sociology Prompt

Write an essay discussing the effect of bachelor parties and bridal showers on gender roles and social stigmas in American culture.

3. College Expository Religion Prompt

Read Thomas Aquinas' five proofs on the existence of God. What are his conclusions and how does he arrive at them? In what ways are these logical, scientific proofs? What are the holes in the arguments?

4. College Expository Psychology Prompt

Write an essay listing and expounding upon Jean Piaget's stages of development. Compare and contrast his theory with Sigmund Freud's theory of personality development.

5. College Expository Film Prompt

Watch Joss Whedon's "The Body" episode from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Write an essay focusing on the use of one of the following techniques: diagetic sound, dollying, follow shot, jump cut, point of view shot.

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