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College Creative Writing Description Topics

1. College Description Exercise

Describe a bird without ever using the words wings, beak, or feathers.

2. College Places Description

Choose a place that you have not been in in some time (relative's house, elementary school, vacation site, etc.) Describe the place exactly as you remember it. Now go into the place. Write a second description. Use as much sensory detail as possible to convey the feelings evoked for the first and second drafts.

3. College Perspective Description Prompt

Write a description of the same forest from three different perspectives (e.g. a priest, a lumberjack, a conservationist, a child, a man looking to commit suicide, etc.)

4. College Character Description Prompt

Look up pictures of random people on the internet or in magazines. Going only off one image, describe the person in extreme detail. Include hygiene, kinesthetic detail, style, attitude, personality.

5. College Description Generator

Describe in detail a man who is drinking 12-year-old single malt scotch, but is drinking it out of a mason jar. Describe the woman who is in the S&M section of an adult store, crying her eyes out. Describe the child who has a bow and arrow set in one hand and a dead hamster in the other.

6. College Phonebook Descriptions

Find interesting names in the phonebook. For each one, come up with a description of what you imagine that person looks like. Include hairstyle, clothing, jewelry, makeup, etc.

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